What’s your biggest challenge as Head of Support?

Are you a Head of Support or the decision-maker for Support issues at your company? Then we need your point of view!

Head of support survey

My team and I are working on a new project and your responses will be invaluable as we continue to refine a new technology for support teams. Insights from this survey will help us gain a better understanding of the key challenges that you face as Head of Support

Please take 2 minutes to fill in this survey: https://www.surveygizmo.eu/s3/90161657/Head-of-Support-Challenges

I would be grateful if you also have 10-15 minutes of time to chat about your perspective of the industry, learn more about your company and the work you do and tell you why I’m interested in Customer Support. I can be available to meet you wherever is convenient for you. 
Just fill in the contact information after the survey and I’ll contact you ASAP.